Having been a fascinated follower, commentator and sometime participant in politics for many years, I have come late to blogging my thoughts, views and opinions – with comments and opinions on the suggestions of others.

I live in NY but am aware that no Country in a modern world stands in isolation and have always had an interest in the politics of Britain, which formed a huge part of my formative years, having been a child of the war years.

I have always marvelled at the random manner of the choosing of politicians and political leaders, none more so than Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and their ilk in America or Blair, Brown, Milliband, Corbyn and Major in the UK!

I hope we can reach a better method of selecting Politicians and political leaders through Psycheocracy.


If you would like to contribute and take part my name is John Newell, and you can contact me by eMail at: JNewell957@Earthlink.net


You are encouraged to comment on articles on this site but to avoid spam, libelous comments, obscene comments etc. all comments will be moderated. Moderated for suitability of comment only, as long as your comments are constructive, relevant, legal and polite they will be published for others to see and comment on.

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