Replace the Conservative Party with a Real Conservative Party

Replace the Conservative Party with a Real Conservative Party

It is suggested that, in reaction to the depletion of about Sixty per cent of the mem- bers of Conservative associations, as described in the online Dail Mail, Sun. July the 29th, 2012, the formation of independent conservative associations that will espouse their own their own policies and select their own parliamentary candidates be formed. It is certain that the Conservative Party will forbid the use o f their name. In this case, a new party name should be found, called, for example, The Xxxxxxx Party. The party should admit to its membership only those who belonged to the Conservative Party for the past few years. Thus, the Public will know that the Xxxxx Party will follow true conservative principles. To prevent splitting the vote, the Xxxx Party could offer a primary election to the other conservative parties.
The source that provided the sociopaths for Parliamentary membership has more than enough sociopaths for candidates and officials of the Xxxxxxxxx Party. and associations Although the public cannot distinguish between sophisticated socio- paths and honest, capable applicants, psychologists, fortunately, can, and thus psychological evaluation must be used in the select of political representatives and the assorted officials of a political party. Honest, capable candidates can be selected in the following manner:
Form local Xxxxxxxxx committees with, perhaps, vetting of applicants. The comm- ittees will then form local Xxxxx Party associations, with vetting of the applicants. The associations will then, each, advertise for applicants for the position of can- didate for a Parliamentary election. Then use rigorous tests, including, most imp- ortantly, psychological evaluation, to select the best applicant for the position of Parliamentary candidate, then support him in a Parliamentary election. If a Con- servative association survives and also puts up a candidate, the Xxxxx Party Ass- ociation should then offer the Conservative and UKIP Association a primary ele- ction. If the Xxxxx Party candidate wins the primary election, he can then say that he was selected by a scientific method, in an open selection, by an association whose criteria for a candidate was honesty, knowledgeabilty and capabilty. Whilst the Lablibcon candidates were selected by using unknown criteria, from short lists from the CCHQ or Transport House without psychological evaluation, both thoroughly Europhile. The use of psychological evaluation for selecting per- sonnel has been used by corporations for up to seventy years, with great success, and thus it could be used successfully in politics.

Uses that The Xxxxxx party could be used to:

1) advise Parliament
2) lobby Parliament
3) in case of social or political breakdown, replace Parliament
4) set up a shadow Parliament

There has been some concern about the infiltration of various groups. This infiltration can be taken care of by the vetting of all leaders and, perhaps, members. Their CVs should be investigated as well as their personalities, past, friends, families, etc. See the article “Declaration”. Applicants for membership who are honest and capable, but not qualified for a committee or association could join an auxiliary association. The Xxxx Party associations should control the National Xxxxx Party, not the other way around.
Members of the associations should, preferably, be near retirement, or retired, have a reputation for intelligence, honesty, haved lived in the local community for some time, be, of course, conservative and belong to the same socio-ecomomic stratum as the community. If possible, It would be advantageous to have psychologists, psy- choanalysts, psychiatrists and lawyers to be members and lead in the selection of members. Temporary officers should be elected. Then after, say, one to three months after, longer duration association officers should be elected. Individuals who have helped in forming a Xxxxxxxx association should not be allowed to join the association for, say, one to three years, or, perhaps, should not be allowed to vote for a period of time. Others can join an auxilliary organisation. Agonophiles and cholophiles should never be allowed leadership positions.

What to do? Answer: make photo copies of this article, distribute it to relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. who you think will be able to make a positive contribution. Do not give to those who would be nuisance, disruptive etc. Then give them out on the street. When you have enough people, start organising a small local com- mittee. Form cliques of honest, decent and capable people, then form the cliques into a network. To see how the toffs are taking care of business, browse: www. . A conservative party should be controlled by the bottom layer, the majority, not by the top, not by toffs. Remember, the national government has ten times the effect on the lives of parish inhabitants than does their parish or town councils; and not for the good either. Thus to be fully effective, a parish council should spend far more attention to influencing elections in their Parliamentary districts than in governing their parishes.

A Black Swan Approaches Britain

A black swan, a phrase coined by the financial industry, is an unpredictable and catastrophic event. A black swan is approaching Britain that will reduce Britons to to a a poverty that would be like that of Africa or Asia and a police state like that of the Soviet Union. Democracy and British freedoms will disappear, to be replaced by Sharia law. Whether the black swan will glide into Britain with serenity and elegance or come in an armed coup d’etat will not be known until it happens. To give cedibility to the above prediction, one must know the history of organisations and the people involved.

To understand the present, and, more importantly, the future, one must know the past, i.e. history. The history that is taught and repeated by all the Establish- ment media is meant to serve the Establishment and is suitably white- washed. According to those who know real history, which includes all the crimes, thefts and outrages committed by the Establishment, the whitewashed history is useless for predicting the future. The following is a less than a very brief acc- ount of real history. The controller of Britain, and the United States, through the Council on foreign Relations, is a very secretive entity that also controls an organ- isation that is guilty, on occasion, of violence, so shall be named the Controlling Establishment Entity, or CEE. The CEE controls all organisations (including pol- ical parties) outside the of trivial, with few exceptions, such the BNP, which is sub- jected to lies, defamation and physical violence. The controlling entity in Europe, technically has no name, but is called by a name abandonned by them, the Illum- inati. The Illuminati is now controlled by the royalty and ex-royalty of europe.The CEE and the Illuminati were, in the beginning of the nineteenth century, at war bu t have made up since, and joined forces. The ultimate aims of the CEE and the Illuminati is to regain their power, form a one World government, deal with over-population, about which they have been hysterical since Malthus, and exert iron control over the World population. The CEE/Illuminati wish to remain secret, in order to preserve their hides. The need to remain secret makes it diff- icult to control those whom they wish to control. If a strong political movement arises, they cannot control it because it would give their existence away, so they must give way to the movement; this, though, will also strengthen, in, the public the impression that there is no control. The CEE/Illuminati would have to slowly wear away the political movement using the tools that they can use, then slowly steer the public away from the political movement. A very clumsy system, but the CEE/Illuminati have remained undetected for centuries. Of past tyrants, none are left.

In the beginning of the seventeenth century the monarchs of Europe were inv- ested with the divine right of kings: their word was the absolute law. In the mid- dle of the seventeenth century the bourgeois of Europe became rich and power- ful through trade and industry, so powerful that they were able to wrest con- stitutions from the monarchs. The monarchs, being demigods, must have stewed in their juices at being ordered around by commoners, but this situation could not be changed because the bourgeois could raise a bigger army. This situation lasted for about one hundred years, until they met with one Adam Weishaupt. Adam Weishaupt was perhaps the most intelligent intellect of the enlightenment, . He was, one must assume, first a rabbi, then became a Jesuit, then became a enlightenment free thinker and developed many ideas, unfortunately all retrograde. Adam Weishaupt agreed to form an organisation, to allow the monarchs to achieve their aims. The monarchs, or more likely a representative, met with Weishaupt to discuss what he could do for the them. Weishaupt told them that there was no military solution to their problem and suggested another solution: a secret organisation that would use the maximum of deceipt, dishonesty, treachery, blackmail, secrecy, murder, sophisticated planning and intelligence to achieve the monarchs’ aims. The organisation’s name was The Illuminati. The monarchs’ aims were to retrieve their divine rights to rule, absolute security from revolts on the part of the pop- ulation by multiple, redundant policies and a solution to the over-population problem. As far as for the latter problem, one can have some sympathy for the monarchs: for approximately two million years, the population of the Earth was a steady five million, then in the late middle ages the population began to expand rapidly. In 1950 the population became two billion, then increased to seven billion in 2010: an increase of three and half times in sixty years.

Now if the population increase were exponential, the population would increase also by three and a half times by 2070, but the population increase is geater than exponential, and thus we could expect an increase of perhaps five times in 2070 to produce a population of thirty five billion souls. Hardly a sustainable population. Some souls must be removed and some souls will remain.

Who should remain?

One would expect that they would choose those of an advanced, civilized, skilled, rational and knowledgeable group. but the prob- ability is small, as this group is, in addition, will adamantly call for free speech, democracy, no censorship, human rights etc. For the monarchs, a far more desirable group would be one that makes no demands, has no knowledge of human rights, is chemically sedated (the British population is sedated by flu- oride and, now lithium ), sullen, fatalistic, docile and ignorant of everything except skills necessary for work.

In addition the monarchs would like the group to be controlled by a religion that enforces discipline and keeps its laity under strict control.

Thus Weishaupt invented Communism, which controls us to this day. Communism does not mean only classical Communism like the Soviet Union, but means a thoughly centralised government and maximum control of the population: to Quote Gorbachev, the ex-leader of the Soviet Union, “Com- munism has not disappeared, it has just changed form”. And we are wi- tnessing the new form of Communism being introduced in the UK so slowly that we do not notice it.

1) Elimination of all European tariffs and create a united Europe
2) Abolition of (Independent) Monarchies
3) Abolition all aristocracy
4) Abolition of all property and wealth
5) Abolition of the family, to replaced by communal living
6) Abolition of all morality ( meaning moral inhibitions of the Illuminati )
7) Abolition of all religion
8) Abolition of all nationalism

The European monarchs of the middle ages were very wealthy, but they
had great difficulty in finding accountants. The task of accounting  fell to
the Jews, who were both literate and numerate. They also had a secure
communication system. Thus the Jews, or  the more capable  of  them,
became the monarchs’ accountants. Later  they  became  very rich and
became bankers,  military procurers and served the monarchs in various
ways. The ordinary Jew, prevented from working in the trades, remained
extremely poor; they were ill dressed, dirty, coarse, covered in sores and
the jewish bankers, or Hofjuden as they were called, regarded them with
horror and disgust and called them Goy,  or  cattle.  Later  the  poor Jews
applied the word goy  to  Gentiles.  The Hofjuden  served  the  monarchs
faithfully  and  still  do   to  this   day.  At  present, The    leading  Hofjuden
are The Rothschilds.

The Illuminati 0pened up shop on May the first, 1776, in Bavaria (note the date) In 1785 the Illuminati were discovered and some were tried for trea- treason. Some members were imprisoned. In 1785, the Elector of Bavaria, Friedrich Wilhelm II, dissolved the Illuminati. The 2000 members, however were so enthusiastic about the idea of unifying Europe, that they continued on, abandonning the name Illuminati, headquarters, bank account, etc.They continued publishing, but in obscure language and in obscure publications. Historians, however still use the name, in the absence of another name.

The first action that the Illuminati took was to foment the French Revolution with the intention of using the French army to conquer the rest of Europe. The bloodshed that resulted ( equivalent to three million in modern France) caused the public to cease supporting it and the revolution collapsed. Nap- oleon, an Illuminati member, then proposed a national conquest of Europe and the public supported him. But Napoleon proved too hard to control and too egoistical that the Illuminati destroyed him by withholding supplies when he was in Russia. The next attempt at controlling Europe was the Congress of Vienna where Rothschild used blackmail, threats and bribery to get the Illuminati’s ends, But the Czar of Russia knew about the Illuminati plot and wrecked it. The next attempt to Conquer Europe was the simultaneous revolutions of 1848, but, due to bad planning, the revolutions failed. The equivalent of three hundred thousand people in modern France were killed. The next attempt to control (now) the World was the American Civil War. Winning control of America would give them access to both Europe and Asia. The wrong side won and that attempt failed. The equivalent of six million people in modern America were killed. The next attempt to control the World was to plan and cause a war with so many deaths and destruction that the public would agree to a World government, which, after the war, they did. The war was the First World War and the World Government was The league of Nations. Germany could not be accepted into The League of Nations because of moral terpitude, Russia could not join because of chaotic con- ditions and the American Senate whip, Senator Cabot-Lodge, being familiar with the Illuminati, refused to allow America to join the league of Nations. Lacking the membership of these important countries, The League died a slow, twenty year death. Meanwhile, Germany was charged with huge reparations, this lead to much misery and the rise of Hitler. In 1938 Hitler announced, through the Ministry of Finance, that Germany was going to form a European economic union. In competition with the CEE/Illuminati. Hitler had to go. To that end, the UK, though completely militarily unprepared, was ordered to declare war on Germany, which she did. After the war, the CEE/Illuminati continued Hitler’s bureaucracy to form the present European Union, which is in the final stages of completion and the final stages of collapse. The collapse of the European Union, however, does not mean that the developing police state in the UK will stop developing. Credibility

The average member of the public reacts to new information that is not nice tends to irrationally negated it or dismiss it. The average member will com- pare new information with his past and his modest treasure of inform- ation gleaned from the media (which uses only information which is carefully selected by the Tavistock institute). If new information is consistent with his treasure of information, he will accept it, if not, he will be angered, or will attack it. It is very likely that the reader has the characteristics described above, so some pointers about good thinking and useful information will be given:
*Lying is risky and potentially expensive, as one lie can result in loss of the ability to assume that almost all sentences can be taken at value. Since it is impossible to know which are lies and which are not, the best one can do is to assume that all are correct except those for which there is an objective reason to believe are lies. Some sentences will escape this test, though, so one will assume lies to be truth. One must accept this: eventually, one will discover which sentences are lies and discard them.

Like some who thoroughly dislike eating an occasional cockeroach, there others who dislike the possibility of erroneous sentences and will only read material that is written by authors with advanced advanced degrees and good reputations (reputations are controlled by the Establishment). Whilst these authors will probably write no errors, there is much material that the authors will omit because the latter is not known accurately enough or is contrary to the interests of, and forbidden by the Establishment. Dishonest communication is accomplished by omission, exageration, minimisation, etc.

*Emotion, as is well known, affects which information one believes and doubts, which leads to bias and inaccuracy, sometimes costing a lot, even lives. To counteract this bias, it suggested that one regard emotion, when reading, or writing with hatred. It is also suggested that, as an exer cise one deliberately read material that upsets one, then pick sentences that one believes to be inaccurate and carefully explain why they are inacc- urate, and if this is impossible, accept the sentences as being accurate. Also read both sides of any controversy.

*James Casbolt was an expediter for the transportion of cocaine and opium from Marseille, France, to Britain for the British Military Intelligence Six, ( MI6 ) which is in charge of the British narcotics trade. James Casbolt, apparently, was affected by his conscious and became a whistle-blower. Casbolt said, in passing, that MI6 had found that a mixture of 75% truth and 25% ridiculous fantasy created the maximum confusion. This practice can be seen in David Icke’s books where an estimated 20% is utter nonsense, for example, saying that the Queen turns into a crocodile every night, and 80 % is good, worthwhile information. The result is that every Briton, when told, for example, that Britain is controlled by the CEE, will hold up his hands in horror and say “Oh that David Icke” and will adamantly refuse to listen any more. Anyway, MI6 took action against James Casbolt and took away his passport and birth certificate, so that now he is stateless and, reportedly, homeless. MI6 made him write (or perhaps wrote for him ) ridiculous stories about four thousand underground bases averaging four miles deep in which MI6 agents and extra terrestials are torturing humans day and night. Later the story was expanded to a book with more fantastic happenings. More than enough to make the public dismiss everything Casbolt. has said as being psychotic.

*Intuition and common sense can be trustworthy providing they are about prior experiences that are often repeated. otherwise intuition and common sense should be treated with suspicion.

*The Establishment, apparently set up four categories of disseminated infor- mation The first is information that is complimentary to the Establishment and is disseminated by the Establishment and any one else who wants to. The second category is information that is uncomplimentary but which the Establishment disseminates itself and allows any one else to disseminate it: the reason why they allow the disseminate of this information is that it gives the public the illusion that free speech exists. The third category is information that is uncomplimentary to the Establishment, and the Establishment media are not allowed to disseminate it and do not. The third category of uncomplimentary information is only disseminated by various non-Establishment sources, however, the Establishment does nothing about it as few read it because the sources have few resources to promote it and any pressure against the souces would result in too much unwanted publicity Examples are: the mag- azine Z, In These Times, Utne reader, etc. The fourth category is uncom- limenary that the Establishment will take action to eliminate. Foe, example: a book called “The Rockefeller Conspiracy” resulted in a Rockefeller employee going around all the bookstores and buying all copies. Another example is the “Sociological History of American Medicine”, describing the brutal replacement of medicine with a 200,000 year history of discoveries with a highly profitable medicine wih only a few, crude “ethical” drugs. Though the writer has seen the book in a store, no reference to the book can be found online. Yet another book, entitled “Founders Finagle” cannot be found online either.

*No information is absolute, that is, has a probability of 100 % of being true. All information is only theory which can have a probability of from near zero to near 100%. However the media has distorted information about various outrages committed by the Western powers by saying that information about the outrages are merely “conspiracy theories” in a tone of voice that strongly implies that the theories are of little or no probability, even though there might plenty of evidence for the outrages.

*The iron law of organisation: Unless specifically excluded, all organisations with power, audience or capital will be controlled, dominated, ruled or ruined by one or more of the following quad: opportunists, neurotics, the partisan and the Hostile. Or, in more colloquial language, Any organisation with any thing worth ripping off, will be ripped off by by crooks, commies, crazies, or ringers. They achieve their aims by studying the weaknesses of the organ- isation, members and the rules, and then commit all kinds of dirty tricks.

*To be effective in politics (and in general ), one must know at least some of the more important of the informal fallacies. Of the formal fallacies, one need only have rudimentary knowledge of syllogisms.

*The Bilderbergers is not powerful organisation, but merely an annual meeting between the powerful of various large countries and representatives of the CEE/ Illuminati. In the meetings, reports of the happenings of the prior year are given to the representatives of the CEE/Illuminati and orders for the next year are given to the attendees by the representatives.

*Occams principle states that the most likely answer to a question or problem is the simplest of all the possible answers.

*Those who who are familiar with types three and four categories of information know that “Snopes” is an yet another instrument of government disinformation.

*Negative statements are not statements that are obnoxious, but are statements that the subject of the statement does not exist. Negative statements are usually hard to impossible to prove. One must search the whole context of the statement thoroughly to prove the non-existence of the subject. For example, the statement “there is no apple in the box on the table” is easy to prove; one has only to open the box to see. However, the statement ” there is no apple outside of the earth, in the universe”, would require one to search the whole universe outside of the Earth to prove the non-existence of the apple.

*In the stone ages, the leader of a tribe hit any dissident over head with a club. Then, the tribes grew bigger and leader had to select lieutenants. The tribes grew even bigger and the lieutenants tended to become independent, resulting in much strife. Then some came up with the most brilliant idea in history of strife and control. Instead of fighting your enemy, said the developer of the idea, tell him that you are his friend, then help him and disarm him and soon you will be able to control him. So good was this idea that everybody attempted to use it and those who did use it developed facades behind which they disarmed and controlled their enemy, and then, anyone else. The number of possible facades is limited and the number of those who want use them number in the thousands. So that behind any one facade lie hundreds of people. Like lifting a beautiful stone, in a field of beautiful stones, hiding beneath each you will find poisonous snakes, large, vicious rats and insects in the filth below. The Establishment, naturally, has developed hundreds of fac- ades to control Britain. The facade du jour is protecting the public from terr- orists–Al Quaida, (which was formed and is controlled by the CIA), but the real reason is to set up outrageous laws. that civil servants cannot disobey in the future, to control the population of Britain.

*The Establishment collects all the electronic information that everybody sends: all telephone conversations, faxs, emails, twitters, and are planning to record all the recorded medical details of every one.

*Except for emotional stimulation, all information not used in a decision is value- less, although some might be of potential value. Information only be of value if used in a decision. The value of information can be given by the formula: the net value of information is equal to minus the direct costs plus the value of the benefit times the probability or getting the benefit minus the liability times the probability of suffering the liability.

*If two billiard balls form a cause and effect, that is, one strikes the other, the paths that they will follow would be very easy to predict with great accuracy and certainty. However, in real life, where there are a huge number objects such as people, companies, organisations, all with identical, similar and opposite characteristics, etc., Effects are very hard to predict. No one causal entity can effect only one effected entity. The effected entity can also can be changed by other, unknown, causal entities and will produce unknown effects. In addition there will be unknown feedback, positive and negative, from the effect, and unknown effects, to the nominal cause, unknown causes and with unknown delays. Thus, accurate long range planning is impossible; only good for guessing. Any planning must be short range, and should be based on similar prior planning. Large corporations used to make long range plans, but they did not work and long range planning was abandonned.
*There are two kinds of anti-semitism: legitimate anti-semitism, for example, criticising Israel for the Gaza incursion and other outrages, and illegitimate anti-semitism, such as the blood libel or accusing Jews of killing Christ.

*Just before World War I the labour unions on both sides called for a strike to prevent the war. The workers did not strike. After the war some Marxist scholars went to work, in the German City of Frankfurt, to find out why. They came to the conclusion that the bonds between the workers and various nat- ional institutions and national culture were stronger than the bonds between the workers and workers of foreign countries. The action that they reccom- mended was to destroy the national bonds of the workers so that the inter- national bonds between workers could be strenthened. In 1933, the scholars moved to New York to escape Hitler and started “The New School” The scholars, now called the “Frankfurt School”, continued their work and their students moved to Teachers’ College to teach teachers how to destroy the bonds of American workers to their country.

*Agenda 21, meaning the UN’s agenda for the twenty first century, is the UN’s solution for the problem of over-population and the perceived food shortages. Their agents will operate down to the local level. The following will be subject, under Agenda 21, to seizure:

Private property ownership Single-Family homes Private car ownership and individual travel choices Privately owned Farms

Monsanto, regarded as the most evil corporation in the World, has just joined The World Business Council for Sustainable Developement, a group of power- ful corporations, including powerful banks and powerful oil corporations to sup- port the UN’s Agenda 21. Montsanto has recently bought vast areas of Africa. Critics see Agenda 21 as a conspiracy to enlarge the power of the UN and en- large the wealth of mega-corporations at the expense of individuals, smaller businesses, private property rights and national sovereignty. For more details, check online, for example,

*Common Purpose is a left wing masonic group. It’s members are recruited from the best students in schools. The members infiltrate governments.There are about two thousand members in the UK.

* In the absence of psychologists, it is suggested that well-adjusted, social people form cliques to evaluate potential candidates. It should be bourne in mind that dishonest and malevolent people can mimic well-adjusted people and must be identified.

*Political and similar organisations in which there is contention need a parallel organisation to represent members of the first organisation: some what like a labour union.

*Socialism means the massive transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor. This transfer will will result in much violence and violence will require people skilled in the art. The people skilled in violence will not be the kind of people who are concerned with democacy nor the welfare of others nor the rule of rationality
(such as it is under socialism). After winning the fight, These fighters will not, as socialism rationality would require, return to the trades that they previously were employed in. No, only Socialist leadership would be the only acceptable reward for risking their lives. In addition, in those treacherous times, loyalty to socialism being the most important qualification in the selection of leaders: and this helped them no end.

Socialist dogma holds that all workers are honest and trustworthy with a few ex- ceptions, who were bent by capitalism. The dogma also holds that workers are of about equal intelligence, ability, and skills. The ex-fighters for socialism, now leaders, will hire their friends and those loyal to the fighters–people who are not necessarily skilled leaders.

Another phenomenon tha greatly affects the quality of socialist leadership is des- cribed by the Iron Law of Organisations: Unless specifically excluded, all organ- isations will be controlled, dominated, ruled or ruined by one or more of the foll- owing quad: opportunists, neurotics, the partisan and agents of predatory or hostile organisations. These individuals will use every and any trick there is: ex- ploiting weaknesses in the elements of organisations, corruption, deceit, theft, defamation, forgery, etc. Thus, additional hordes of scum get leadership positions.

Once at work, these leaders will not work more than forty hours a week as such exploitation is proscribe by socialism; in addition, being workers, they will not work any harder than other workers. The leaders will know little about their ind- ustry and will discourage, even reject, innovation as innovation risks their being replaced. The leaders will promote only those of similar inclination as they would be more sympathetic and understanding, and thus safer, about the existing leaders.

Those entering work, after school, can be divided into three groups, those who can think well and rationally, and are employed by organisations require employ- ees who think well; those who are unable to think and are employed in manual work and those who think badly and get jobs that require some, but not much intellect. The latter, free from any intellectual responsibility, will enjoy all the fan- tasy that they can generate. This latter group can generate no pride in intellectual performance, so take pride their humanitarianism, sympathy and empathy for the the poor and downtrodden; and think up the most devastating ideas. Unfortunately, the left-wing part of the public takes these ideas seriously and votes Labour.

The Labour Party has brought Britain to the brink of economic collapse, to be saved by the nasty party, just in time. Nine times since Ramsey Macdonald’s government

There has been twenty three socialist economies and not one has been suc- cessful. Czecheslovakia was one of the leading economies of the World, but was reduced to, almost, a third World country by socialism. Those that have survived with a reasonable economy, have done so by using free enterprise.
*In the nineteenth century there were about eight different types of physicians. The top physicians were homeopaths: a little bit below that were the naturopaths and a little bit below then were the chiropractors. At the bottom, were ex-army physicians who could fix broken bones and tie up wounds and knew a bit about herbology which learned from native Americans. A little bit above the ex-army physicians were German physicians who were based in Philadelphia. The Ger- man physicians, who comprised one half of one per cent of all Americans phys- icians, practiced heavy medicine and heavy surgery.The educated classes reg- arded these German physicians as quacks. Their trade union was called the American Medical Association.

In 1895, Rockefeller and Carnegie invested a lot of money in pharmaceuticals, but the only physicians who would perscribe them were the German phys- icians. A very aggressive businessman would have stopped right then, but not Rockefeller; he went to his extreme to market his pharmaceuticals, to replace two hundred thousand years of medical discoveries and practice with a few crude man made chemicals with fewer than one hundred atoms
(the typical biological molecule has from tens of thousands to a few Hundred thousand atoms).

Rockefeller used his political power to remove every physician who would not use pharmaceuticals from the government. Carnegie set up a Comm- ision to close all the huge number of very low quality medical schools (they de- served to be closed) and with them some good medical schools that did not teach pharmaceuticals. Eventually all the physicians were replaced by the German physicians. In Britain the same thing happened, but with little fuss as Britain was, and is, well stitched up and that all the investors had to do was to issue a few orders.

*911/WTC Two thirds of Americans do not believe that the American govern- ment was responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center, even though the most cursory look at the evidence will show that the government was responsible. The reason for this enormous disbelief is that those who do not believe in the guilt of the government were raised and live in an unpleasant world of people who could be compared to rolls of barbed wire with two arms, two legs and a head, constantly bumping into each other and tearing each other’s flesh. In such a world such people turn to a fantasy family, much as children have their fantasy family. The fantasy family makes life more bearable. Thus the barbed wire people mentioned above turn to the powerful government as part of their fantasy. The idea that the government was responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center is far too painful and they refuse to bel- ieve it. But the fact of the guilt of the government is far too important to ignore. If everybody believed in the guilt of the government, it would be easier to get rid of the crooks in Congress. So important is it to expose the government that not to believe the Government’s guilt is cowardice and treason. So please search: +DVD+WTC or +DVD+911 , then pick up some search words and continue searching; there many more websites about the World Trade Center destruction. Also see

*It has been reported that The Department of Homeland Security has requested form Russia 15,000 troops to be stationed in the Federal Emergency Manage- ment Agency, to be stationed in region III, which means Washington DC and the surrounding area, to take of possible civil unrest. Search online for ” 15,000 Russian Troops” , ” atomic attacks” and “Senator Lindsey Graham”

*There is a convention that parish councils are not political and that emails about politics should be ignored. This is nonsense: A parish council is a government, although a small one, and is, thus, by definition, political. The above convention was probably invented by clerks with lesser general knowledge to avoid trying to understand emails that are too difficult for them to to understand. A better procedure would be for the clerks to withhold only those emails that they thor- oughly understand and definitely know that the council would not be interested in them. Otherwise, the clerk should consult with the chairman.

*Labour voters would fare much better under an conservative xxxxx government controlled by local conservative xxxx than by a Labour government, which is controlled by the CEE and operated by European banks.


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